About Our Pharmacy

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The primary care physicians who founded Medschem Pharmacy were united by a vision of working together in a common structure with a shared purpose: To create a healthcare delivery system that simultaneously achieves optimal patient service and quality of care, while helping to make health care affordable for our patients. Our philosophy is to put our patients at the center of the care system with a focused patient-provider relationship.

Medchem Pharmacy’s core tenet has been to be the standard in healthcare retailing. Centered on this belief, our business model strives to be more just than an ordinary pharmacy in our offerings, format and solutions. Our view of Healthcare Retailing is not limited to the narrow focus of pharmaceuticals. To us Healthcare Retailing is also about Living Better (Wellness) and Looking Better (Beauty).

You can count on us

Your health and well-being are your greatest and most important assets, so naturally, you want the best health care that is available. In order to optimize both quality of care and efficiency of care, New West Physicians has developed an integrated approach to health that bridges all care settings. Should you need a specialist or are hospitalized, your primary care provider will work with preferred specialists and our hospitalists to ensure you receive the care you need.

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